Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blog Hop #13 “Thoughts on Time”

Once upon a Time.

Lose track of time.
Time goes on.
Time stood still.
Changing with the Times.
Father Time.
Waste of Time.
Time running out.
All things heal with Time.
New York Times.
Night Time.
Quiet Time.
Bed Time.
Time zone.
Current Time.
Daylight Savings Time.
Part Time.
Full Time.
Time Bomb.
Out of Time.
Nick of Time.
Telling Time.
Time flies.
Time travel.
Time of your life.
Summer Time.
Winter Time.
Spring Time.
Two Timing.
Feels like the first Time.
Matter of Time.
About Time.
Ahead of one’s Time.
Play Time.
Pressed for Time.
From Time to Time.
Kill Time.
Stitch in Time.
High Times.
Good Times.
Bad Times.
Hard Times.
Time being.
On Time.
Pass the Time.
Crunch Time.

End of Time.


  1. Awesome Autumn!! You summed up Time beautifully!! Cheers, Jenn :D

  2. I like this: a collection of all the idioms on time.

  3. Very cool! Great collection! New follower from The Writer's Post.

  4. @ Jenn Thank you! I had fun putting it together. I don't think I missed anything lol

  5. @ Weissdorn Thank you!

  6. @ Jodi It's nice to meet you! I'm new to The Writer's Post myself. I've been blogging through GBE for a while though. It feels good to be back in the blogging world. I'll have to go check out your blog!

  7. My favorite is time travel. Give me a book or novel about it and I'm there!


  8. Funny how we don't say Fall time or Autumn time. Never really thought about it before. Cool selection of time related thoughts :O)