Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Red Tent: The First Gathering

Tonight was the first gathering of The Red Tent, it was VERY successful.
It was a potluck, like all future meetings will be and by the end of the night there were barely any leftovers.
Our group is small but I think it's better to start off that way. Maybe over time we can add more members.
I contributed with Strawberry Cheese spread & Truffle Fudge Brownies (courtesy of Tastefully Simple.) Other contributions were fruit, cheese, crackers, meat, lemonade & mocha frappes.
At first we covered the basics. Appropriate Circle ettiqute, the when & where and what The Red Tent means for us as a group.
We also discussed different activities for future gatherings and even planned a Goddess Wknd Retreat for September. (Let's just say as soon as 'chocoalte buffet' was mentioned, I was ALL in!)

It was a very fun and relaxed setting and everyone enjoyed themselves.
I'm really looking forward to our next gathering!

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